It’s Happening

Updates for the week….

  • It’s a pull back week – ALLELUIA!!
  • Working through some knee issues that are probably not knee issues but really hip issues combined with weak hamstring issues combined with wonky ankle issues. #ourbodiesarecomplicated
  • After missing a few sessions due to “life”, scheduled an ART appointment for this coming week – can’t wait!
  • After talking about it since last year and training since January, I am officially registered for the Maine Marathon. Being less than 40 days away seemed like an appropriate time to pull the trigger #procrastination
  • Guess what?!? As a friend said it often does for her, my mantra found me! Not 24 hours after posting Negative Nancy, another friend surprised me with my most perfect mantra….KEEP F*CKING GOING!!!! It’s been reminding me every day….multiple times a day ever since receiving.
  • I’m on vacation for the next 10 days….time to unwind, appreciate the beautiful state we live in and clear the mind. Reset and KEEP F*CKING GOING!
She’d ordered this week’s ago! Universe you are cool!

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