Friends have commented lately on my “determination” or my “focus”. I mentioned in my first post that I’m a pretty typical type A when it comes to my goal orientation (take that to me intensely goal oriented) but it honestly took until I went to college for me to figure out how to keep that focus and determination. I know I always had it in me but I didn’t figure out the tool until much later. For me that tool is writing it down. More specifically writing it down somewhere where I see it OFTEN!

This year I’ve been using the Believe training journal by Lauren Fleshman and Roisin Mcgettigan-Dumas. A gift 2 birthdays ago that I conveniently started on January 1st of this year. It sits on my bedside table and every night I make a quick note about what I did that day. We are talking 2 sentences or maybe 5 words. Nothing complicated. Just enough to remind myself of what I did, what I didn’t do, how far I’ve come and where I am going. Every night before I go to bed, with this little habit, I remind myself why I’m waking up SO GOSH DARN EARLY the next day. The journal is also structured in such a way it reminds me of my “why” not just the “what”. Every week is a reset to stay focused, remind myself I NEVER want to train for a marathon again so get my butt out there and keep stacking that hay in the barn.

I just read through all my entries so far this year and WOW! January and most of February I was maxing out at 10-12 miles per week. Now I’m close to 40! The marathon seemed ages away in March now it’s a crazy 6 weeks away- WHAT?!?! Journals are really fun for that reason too 😁

My other trick? Have a partner in crime (if you are in a place in your life where you have one) who also reminds you of your goal. A partner that never says “just stay in bed” but rather has coffee and a “how did it go?” waiting for you when you get back. I don’t train or race for my husband but his pride in me is most definitely a motivation. So when I do want to just stay cozy in bed, I think of a few things: You don’t ever want to do this again, You are stronger than your lazy brain, and You will be SO excited at the finish when you break 4 hours.

My recommendation: nail down your “why”, write down your “why”, make your “why” visible, share your “why” with your tribe.

What’s your why?

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