Today was supposed to be an easy 7, but AJ (the 2 yr old) had other plans. When I quietly closed his door before I crept downstairs at 5:00, like I do every morning without issue, he decided he wanted to get up too. I had a choice – be angry and frustrated that SHOCKER as a full-time working mom of 2, wife of 1, yet again my weekly training plan was going to be “adjusted” OR I could strap him in the stroller and take him with me. I’m not going to lie, I went to the former first. Angry that I wasn’t going to get my run in and again fall woefully short of my weekly mileage target. I sat in that for a solid 3 minutes. But then it hit me. He’s happy, he just woke-up earlier than normal. He likes the stroller why not take him with me? He doesn’t last for 7 but a solid 4 pushing an extra 40 lbs is close to an east 7, right? And with that my burden became a blessing. A quiet morning run with my littlest.

I haven’t posted since the Tri For A Cure. It was wet. By wet I mean it was a monsoon but oh did we have fun!! It was so amazing to watch 3 women I have grown to love so dearly find their inner badass. They did a triathlon IN THE POURING RAIN! They beat every goal they had set for themselves and it made me so proud to know them. You see, like me, they are also full-time working moms and wives and friends and sisters and at the end of the day that doesn’t leave much time for them. But they did it. They took the burden of training and made it a blessing – we got to spend more time together than normal training together. We got to experience some awesome firsts together. We got to start planing some pretty great seconds and thirds together too.

Training can often feel like a burden but remember why you started out and what’s waiting for you not only at the end but along the way. That journey will most definitely be filled with lots of blessings.

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