My husband is a “gear head”. I joke that he likes biking more than running because for running you just sneakers and, well, there’s a whole lot more to bikes. I often brush off the need for anything but the base model. An early adopter I am not. I ran with the base garmin until it stopped holding a charge and even then the top model was “too fancy” so I went mid range. My road bike, yes, has clips, but it’s an LL Bean base road bike (my husband works for bean so the discount made it more palatable). I pick my running shoes based on fit and feel and still kick myself for the one time my gear-head husband talked me into trying some Adidas with “cool new foam”.

All this being said, today I swam in a new-to-me wet suit and it was LIFE CHANGING! The suit I’ve been using over the last 14 months was also new-to-me and I couldn’t have been more grateful for my friend Kate’s generosity. It was my first time even thinking about open water swimming and triathlons so I was a deer in headlights when it came to the gear. My husband took care of the bike but the wet suit was tricky. KATE TO THE RESCUE! Small problem…it was a size too small (and probably 2 sizes too small last year) and it had “some” holes in it.

Fast forward to today, Kate again comes to the rescue, and this time with a suit the right size and NO HOLES!!!! Everyone always talked about the extra buoyancy when in a wet suit and I juuuussssttt never felt it. Chalked it up to my sweet Beyoncé booty but APPARENTLY it was the fact that my suit wasn’t holding the water. Who knew?!?!? Okay, lots of you probably knew that but still. I was floating for the first time! It was amazing – I felt so fast!!!

So point of this blog? I wouldn’t give back my time in that holey wet suit. It took the pressure off. It was just about me and not about “getting the most out of some fancy gear”. Did I mention I tried it on inside out the first time?!? Amazing!!!! Painful AND amazing! I have only laughed that hard a handful of times in my life. That suit has a special place in my heart.

First attempt. Legit had no idea it was inside out. Was sooooo excited I had a red one when all the others I’d seen were black.

So,yes, better gear gets you an extra edge but I think you should earn that step-up. Show you’ll stick with it. Show that you’re willing to put in the extra work to get it done when technology isn’t helping. Earn it. Then enjoy it!!!!!

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