After yesterday’s fire and fury post you’d think I would have had a great run today. #nope #fail. Today was one of those demoralizing runs. The one where you feel like you walk more than you run and your pace isn’t seconds off target but rather minutes. You can’t avoid training runs like these. In fact I remember a run eerily similar to this one happening at right about the same time in my last marathon training calendar.

If we can’t avoid having these humbling, kick you in the gut, make you want to curl into the fetal position runs, what do we do? We rise to the challenge! We show our grit! We compete! Compete has gotten this bad connotation over time. It’s taken on this insinuation that by competing it must be about BEATING someone else. That’s not the case at all. I am competitive – always have been – but it’s rarely about another person. The word competition is a Latin derivative from competere meaning “to come together to seek”.

Today was a reminder that what I seek at the end of this journey is not going to come easy. However, what I’m seeking isn’t tomorrow either. At the end of today’s run, I picked myself up off the ground (because I did in fact get into the fetal position) and reminded myself that I have almost 10 weeks of training left. A LOT can happen in 10 weeks. The body is amazing. YOUR body is amazing. I hope you remind yourself of that the next time you compete.

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