Your Hip Flexor’s Connected to your Abductor?

Oh and your Glutes! Okay, no, it’s not….but it IS! The front of my left hip has been hurting me starting mid-way through runs ever since coming back post pardom. It was getting so bad that it was waking me up in the middle of the night and making me look like my adorable Popi (grandfather) every time I got up from a chair. Not cool! It was annoying in everyday life but more importantly I knew I couldn’t hit my goals for the year without addressing whatever the issue was.

So I started stretching my hip flexor…A LOT…but no relief. I foam rolled my quad and some relief but not enough and not permanent. Talked to my wealth of knowledge for all things biomechanical ie Susan and she agreed that a trip to the chiropractor was probably in order.

After a few visits I was again getting immediate relief but not 100% and it was coming right back mid-way through my next run. When I lamented this fact to my Chiro and how I was stretching my hip flexor religiously he made this critical statement, “Sometimes as humans, we target all pain relief like we do when we stub our toe, it may feel good to grab and squeeze the toe but it’s really not doing anything.” His point, and one that I’ve learned over and over but clearly needed a reminder, the source of the pain when it’s muscle or tendon is often coming from the OPPOSITE area that is hurting. Basically that “tight” hip flexor wad actually a slightly over stretched hip flexor being pulled on by tight hamstrings and a weak glute medius.

Long story short all that stretching of the hip flexor was doing absolutely nothing for my pain and was actually making it worse putting more strain on an already stressed connection point. New plan – modified “Jane Fonda’s” (a side hip raise with leg angled back slightly), modified bird dog (raise leg out at a 45 degree angle), frog pose and foam rolling of my glute and quads.

Progress has been more consistent which is coming at a critical time when my training starts to kick into gear. According to my training plan just 75 days until my half – yikes! Winter training is always tough but this winter with the hubs “borrowing” weekend time for his own training (it was more time urgent) it has been barely there training. Hubs comes home tonight so tomorrow is go time!

Save this as a favorite and use it as a reminder to “think opposite” when that next twinge rears it’s ugly head. Stay healthy!!!

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