I spent 3 days last week at one of the Canyon Ranch resorts.  You may now be jealous of me (If you aren’t, check out Canyon Ranch – Lenox, MA and let your jealousy ensue) but that’s not the part that I would consider “lucky”.  No, my luck comes from the fact that I spent those 3 days with my sister.

My sister and I often seem more different than similar.  My sister is creative – in a truly creative sense (she may deny this but it’s true).  I am very good at following directions to “create” i.e. paint by number is a fan favorite.  I am a glutton for punishment – a true believer in “no pain no gain”.  If there isn’t some discomfort or you don’t have 50 plates in the air, you MUST be doing something wrong.  My sister….well not so much.  Now don’t take that to mean she doesn’t work hard.  She does – very!  However, “I do what I want” is her favorite saying.  In other words, she works hard IF she wants to and WHEN she wants to.   The spotlight – YES, PLEASE!  For my sister, not so much.  Worrier?  Life will work out – worrying is a waste of energy.  My sister, however, had hives at age 8.  My sister majored in fashion merchandising.  I majored in Economics & Finance.  Oh and we look different – like TOTALLY different.  Put us together though and people ask us if we are twins.  Must be that whole finishing each others sentences thing.

We often joke that if we met each other in some other facet of life we would full-on hate each other.  However, as sisters, I couldn’t live without her.  She is the Yin to my Yang.  We balance each other.  She is the voice in my head that reminds me to take time for myself.  That it is – sometimes – okay “to do what I want”.  I’m not exactly sure what I offer my sister – Maybe comic relief?  Maybe a kick in the pants when “shit gets hard”?  Or perhaps my insanely awesome Excel spreadsheet skills?   I’ll be okay if it’s just an ear to vent to when our amazing parents do something that only the two of us would find hysterical and/or beyond annoying.

We spent 3 days together, pushing our limits (Tabata & TRX – check out the picture below.  It’s quite the butt kicking! Info on Tabata), trying new things (aerial yoga happened and it was AMAZING!), and figuring out together how to incorporate what we learned into our crazy lives.  Only a sister can call bullsh*t on your unrealistic plan, because no one knows you better, and at the same time offer sincere confidence in your ability to achieve whatever you set your mind to.

My original plan was to write a “review” of our 3 days but after some reflection that just didn’t seem necessary.  It’s worth every penny and if you can make a trip to one of their resorts happen, make it happen.  Try new things and push your limits.  Take advantage of the nutritionist and physiologists – the specialists that probably aren’t in your normal “medical rotation”.  Attend the seminars and learn new things.  This is all appropriate and good advice for when you go but without someone special as your partner in crime it just may not be as great.  I’m lucky to have had my sister as that partner.

Breakfast on our first full day
Post Tabata & TRX class – it was INSANE!
Just chilling in the “spa lounge”
On our way to dinner – walking outside since IT WAS 60 DEGREES!

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