Basic Physics

I just realized that this is my first post since giving birth to our AWESOME little kiddo – all 9 lbs 8 oz of him!  I’ve drafted this post about 10 times in my head but have been having technical difficulties with WordPress.  He’s now 14 weeks, sleeps through the night, eats like a champ, smiles at everything, and adores his big brother.  I started back running at 6 weeks but I’ll admit that I didn’t feel “normal” running until about 8 weeks out.  Now I’m back into full swing and training for the 10 Mile Mid-Winter Classic in February.  Now on to the real post…

It’s basic physics.  An object in motion stays in motion until an outside force stops it.  In high school we learn how this principle pertains to things like rocks, airplanes, eggs, etc. but what about the human body?

Friends have told me how “impressed” they are that I have gotten back to running so soon after having my son.  To me it wasn’t an option.  I knew that if I started to adjust our life to this new bundle of joy and didn’t include my running that it quickly just wouldn’t fit.  You fill your day with what you find important or at least have prioritized as important.  After our first son working out just wasn’t in the priority list (sleep, relaxing, work commutes….but mostly sleep took precedence) and it took me 2 years to start working out consistently and 3 years to feel like my “old self”.  I worked way to hard the year before I got pregnant with AJ to let 3 years go by again before I felt that good.  Plus, I am a MUCH better mother, wife, friend and overall person when I am running.  I had to get this “object” in motion ASAP!

To those of you that tell yourself, “I just can’t fit one more thing into my day”.  I ask you to take a step back and really look at your day.  You don’t have 30 minutes?  It may mean waking up 30 minutes earlier or asking your partner in life to handle kiddo bedtime while you hit the pavement or treadmill but think about how you would feel if you made this slight shift.  I’d put my money on, “Pretty Darn Good!”.  New Years can be a time of BIG proclamations but change doesn’t always have to be big to be meaningful.

That rock in motion, no matter how slow that motion may be, still gets to where it wants to go as long as the motion keeps happening.  Don’t let any outside forces keep you from getting to where you want to go.  In case you need a reminder on how to set that goal, take a look back at a post I did last December – Lost – December 2015 Good luck and remember SOMETHING IS BETTER THAN NOTHING!



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