Out with a Bang!

Apologies for the delay, but here is your recap of what was an amazing race!  As I’ve mentioned in a couple recent posts, my sister, husband, brother-in-law and I registered as two teams for the Bosom Buddy Shipyard Maine Coast Half-Marathon.  Boys vs. Girls!  Or at least that’s what it was supposed to be until I found out basically the day after registering that I was pregnant.  Between, my ever increasing slow-down, normal training injuries for my sister, and complete lack of training from my brother-in-law, it quickly went from “Boys vs. Girls” to “Let’s try not to make this a complete sh*t show!”  I am happy to report it was definitely NOT a sh*t show!

My brother-in-law ran his whole leg!  This was definitely to the relief of my hubs who had resigned himself to the possibility of having to run the full half-marathon.  My sister also did AWE-SOME!  Running her full leg and at a super strong pace to make-up for her prego teammate!  After about a month of capping out around 4 miles, my race plan was to get to 4 miles and then switch to a walk-run for the remaining 3 miles of my leg.  With the adrenaline pumping and my 5 weeks of strength training with Susan, there was no need for a walk-run – WOOT WOOT!!!  The hubs kept me at a comfortable pace which kept my heart rate low – he really is an amazing pacer – which was great because even pregnant it took him and a lot of self control not to start swerving around people.

After reviewing the race results for the relay division, I am sure it will not surprise all of you that I have already discussed with my sister the requirement to do it again next year as I’m fairly confident we can place.  Thankfully she is as insane as I am and agreed without thinking twice.  Mark it on the calendar!

In other news, that was my last run for the duration of this pregnancy (hence the title of the post).  Baby A is riding pretty low and has been causing some  severe post run pain and major waddling by yours truly.  Good news is he is as healthy as a horse and in no danger of early delivery from the running BUT I was posed the following option by my OB at my check-up this week, “If you’d like to be peeing your pants at age 45 you are welcome to keep running.”  I will admit I thought about it for a few too many seconds than she probably expected, but eventually agreed that running will no longer be in my activity regimen.  Sooooooo after only deactivating my membership 4 weeks ago, I went to the Y 24 hours later and re-activated.  The elliptical and bike will be my new bffs – and once I find a bathing suite that works – swimming will hopefully get back in the rotation.

Have no fear!  The posts will keep coming (as work allows) but the real fun will begin this Fall when it’s all about getting back at it and kicking some butt at the 2017 Bosom Buddy Half-Marathon!!!

Maine Coast

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