Running Skirts & Compression Socks

This Saturday is my “big race” of the year.  Realistically it’s probably my only race of the year.  That being said, the last couple of weeks have been pretty fear-filled and anxiety ridden.  I’ll be running the Maine Coast Bosom Buddy Half Marathon with my sister which means 7.25 miles for me – the farthest I have ran since JANUARY!  Hence the anxiety.  On top of that, my calves have been messing with my head.  I’ve narrowed it down to a circulation issue – yet another pleasantry of pregnancy.  For the last couple of weeks, I’ve only been able to make it about 1.5 miles before my calves start BURNING and feel like they are going to explode.  I need to stop and walk for a bit and then from there can only run about a half mile before I need to walk again.  I was at the point where I had just succumbed to the idea that Saturday would be a long run/walk but then I had an epiphany.  If it was a circulation issue, would my compression socks help?  (CEP are my favs!  They aren’t too tight and are made for activity AND recovery.  Check them out here)

Today was test day.  It’s a BEAUTIFUL day in Maine.  I ran early which meant blue skies, a comfortable breeze, and temps in the 50s.  I pulled out my running skirt with trepidation (because you canNOT wear compression socks with capris!!) and was relieved, I’m talking full on THANK YOU, LORD!!!, when it fit.  Then the moment of truth!  I wrestled with my compression socks, thankfully not more than normal, and hit the pavement.

I felt like myself again!  I even started at a 9:30 pace!!  Something I also haven’t done since January.  I quickly settled into a more reasonable (and realistic) pace to keep my breathing steady but pace didn’t matter today.  My calves weren’t burning!!!

They say to dress like the job you want not the job you’re in.  Well my friends, that just may work with running, too.  I was DEFINITELY “over equipped” for my little 3-miler today but I felt like a runner.  Like I said, I felt like myself regardless of pace.  It’s amazing what some compression socks and a running skirt can do for your confidence!

Facebook reminded me this morning that 2 years ago today I ran my first marathon.  Ironically it was the Maine Coast marathon (part of the series I’m doing this weekend) to be exact.  Although I am not in quite the same frame of mind as I was 2 years ago, running with my husband (he’s also running Saturday with my brother-in-law), high-fiving my sister at the exchange, seeing her run the farthest race she’s ever done, and just finishing this freaking race, is probably going to bring me the same level of satisfaction as crossing that finish line 2 years ago…and I’ll OBVIOUSLY be rocking my running skirt and compression socks!

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