Back at IT!

In one of my last couple posts I promised to keep the pregnancy references to a “dull roar”.  I’m not really sure what I was thinking.  Well I know what I was thinking but it was unrealistic.  Being pregnant is my new reality, especially when it comes to my health, body and fitness, so alas, you will all need to suck it up for the next 4 months and bear with the pregnant-talk but as you’ll see if you are currently dealing with or have ever dealt with an injury you can probably relate to much of what I will be posting about.  So here goes…

After three months off, yes, three MONTHS off, from EVERYTHING, I’m getting back at it.  The winters are rough enough in Maine as it is for runners who dread the treadmill but add on the exhaustion of growing a human being, especially in the first trimester, and sadly everything was put on hold.  Naps replaced my mid-day runs and getting up at 4:45 to workout with Susan just wasn’t going to happen.  The weather has FINALLY turned to spring (although I do type this the day before snow is forecasted for the area – but it will be gone by Wednesday morning) and my body has at least built up enough stamina to function like a normal human again.

What I found the most interesting, and the most difficult, in the first trimester, however, wasn’t the physical changes but the mental.  As happy as I was to be pregnant and as thoughtful and planful as we were about the pregnancy, I seemed to go through many of the same mental challenges I’ve read about related to injured athletes.  Most specifically the depression.  I had worked REALLY hard last year to get my body into the shape it was.  My speed was the best it had ever been, I could run 10+ plus miles without thinking about it any day of the week, and push-ups, side planks, and burpees were normal (I will NEVER call any of those easy!).  Then all of sudden BAM!  I could barely walk up the stairs without breathing hard and like I said, naps were my new norm.  The thoughts of “Will I ever get back to that shape?” and “Was this really worth it?” kept swimming in my head.  As much as I knew it was in fact for the greater good and DEFINITELY worth it, the “Will I ever get back there?” was the hardest question to answer.  Then I remembered Susan who had surgery on her ankle a little over a year ago and then last October, almost 1 year to the day since the surgery, ran a marathon.  Okay, so Susan is crazy and was doing 1-legged burpees while on crutches but if she should do THAT, I could get pretty close, right?  I’ve decided the answer to THAT question is a resounding “YES!”

The task at hand to give me the best chance of running Hartford again in 2017, is to stay in the best shape possible through the rest of the pregnancy.  Over the last 2 weeks my running is back to the same frequency, although far fewer miles and much slower pace, but I’ll take it!  The hubs and I did three runs while on vacation, I was able to squeak in two runs last week – one was 5.7 miles WOOT! WOOT! – and I’ve started the week off right with 3 miles today.  Tomorrow will start the re-boot of working with Susan so push-ups and planks here I come!

As you can see it’s been a weird journey this little bundle of joy has taken me on, but with his already almost constant kicking, it’s clear that I am going to need to be in VERY good shape to chase after this munchkin once he joins our crazy family.

Do the best I can.  Accept what my body will give me.  Be thankful that I’m out there.  Just Run!

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