So I run

Three months since my last post and I will assume you’ve been waiting by your computers for the all important notification that there is IN FACT a new post from Feed The Soles.  Well friends – I’M BACK!  I’m back with new purpose, focus and slightly adjusted perspective.

Not only have I taken a hiatus from blogging but running was severely scaled back over the last few months due to the little person I am currently growing inside me.  Yes, that’s right.  We will be welcoming another bouncing boy come this September.  However, I recently crossed over into the second trimester and just like when I was pregnant with my first it was like a switch flipped and yesterday’s speed work, although harder than I remember, was not a death march – ha!

Although my average weekly mileage was cut back to about 8 miles over a whopping 2 days a week, my goal was to just stay with it as best I could.  I’ve already exceeded my activity level while pregnant with our first by about 100 times considering I used the treadmill twice during my whole pregnancy with him.  I ate pretty poorly the first time around along with my lack of activity so it’s not surprising that I gained 50 lbs and it took me 3 years to get my body back.  My goals for this pregnancy are:

  1. To stay “relevant” when it comes to my running so I’m not starting from scratch come this Fall
  2. Cut myself slack – sometimes a pregnant lady just needs ice cream and a bag of Tostitos! – but try to make good choices
  3. Keep a positive perspective.  I may be taking a few steps back when it comes to my fitness level but with two crazy boys to chase around come this Fall and with a husband and group of friends ready to kick me into gear when I’m able, I’ll be back better than ever.  Hartford 2017, perhaps?
  4. Last but DEFINITELY not least – Faster Than Our Husbands WILL beat Faster Than Our Wives in the Maine Coast Half-Marathon Relay this May.  Training with my sister, although often remotely, is just the best ❤

So I run.  I run to be a healthier role model for my son. I run to be a healthier host body for Baby #2.  I run to keep my sanity in a world that disappoints me more often these days.  I run to appreciate how lucky I am.  I run because sometimes it’s all I can control.

Here’s to 6 months of tweaked adventures with the eye on the prize!  The blog may take on a slightly shifted perspective but I will try to keep the baby talk to a dull roar and still pack it with tips and tricks for the every-day runner – giant belly or not!  With the warming weather, I hope all of you are as excited as I am to pound the pavement with fewer layers and power into Spring!!


  1. YAY!!! It’s public! I’m so excited for you. I’ve always thought you were too awesome of a mom to only have one. Alex is going to be the BEST big brother! You know I will be here for you to knock your ass in gear and make sure you keep a good base for all the fantastic 2017 running goals! Hartford 2017-maybe that should be a two person gig. I’ll just run behind you. The whole way. Lol. LOVE YOU!

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