More Than Me

After MUCH thought, back and forth, and re-arranging, I have landed on “More Than Me” as my theme for 2016.  All WITHOUT Facebook’s help – aren’t you proud?  Last year, I was very focused on myself and my goals.  It was exhilarating to hit (most of) them but I think some of that singular focus is why I ended the year a little “Lost“.  I like complex challenges – simply cutting my race pace wasn’t going to cut it in 2016.

First step, signed-up for the Maine Coast Half Marathon Bosom Buddy race with my sister!  So freaking excited!  Even better though is that we convinced our husbands to do the same and now have two teams – “Faster Than Our Husbands” and “Faster Than Our Wives”.  This will be an all out race so thankfully my sister understood when my offer to run the full course with her quickly turned to, “We need to leave it all on the course so I need to run this like a 10k.”  (said with both hands on her shoulders and staring intently into her eyes).  Reason number 4,786 that I love my sister to the moon and back – her response, “Well duh!  We need to WIN!”  My sister is THE best!  For any frequent reader of this blog, or anyone that lets me talk to them about relay racing, you know that I LOVE the feeling of comradery after  Reach the Beach.  Since September I’ve been scheming ways to continue more of that “team” feeling so this is just the beginning as I have a couple other relays on my radar already!

Second step, signed-up for an official swim class.  Yes, it will be an individual challenge BUT the “more than me” comes from the fact that I have NO FREAKING IDEA how to train as a swimmer.  I am 100% reliant on others.  Kate has been so great helping me slowly get my feet wet – TOTAL pun intended! – and I’m ready to take the next step.  I am very excited to meet new athletes, make new friends, and learn from some pretty talented individuals.

Third step, added yoga to my actual calendar so I don’t keep putting it to the bottom of my priority list!  I feel this fits into the “More Than Me” theme, since much of the practice is focused on letting go of your “Me” thoughts.  At the beginning of class we are asked to clear our minds of our to-do lists, to remove the negativity, judgement, and “ugh” and just be present with those around us.

Fourth step, play with my son more.  I’ve noticed that although we have  quality family time around the dinner table, attending events/festivities, reading books, etc. I don’t actually play with my son very often.  When my husband and son decide to head outside to play soccer or throw the ball, both things I do thoroughly enjoy, I find myself declining my son’s adorable invite so that I can instead clean the house, wash the dishes, do the laundry, etc.  My son will at some point stop asking me to kick a soccer ball around with him, he will inevitably avoid being seen with me altogether, so while I am still invited, I will accept!

These could be viewed as resolutions but I’m hoping they are more than that.  I purposefully called them steps as I view them as just the beginning.  I hope that by focusing my energy on “More Than Me” I not only have a fulfilling year for myself but can contribute to the fulfillment of those around me and celebrate THEM in 2016!


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