Time Flies

I know 2015 isn’t over yet but by the end of this week I will be in full Christmas mode and then BAM! it will be December 31st, so I figured a “2015 review” was warranted and better to do now while I am thinking about it.

As you probably know from my last post, I’m not quite sure what’s in my future for 2016, but having just taken a moment to look at my 2015 results page, I can only hope that it will continue this awesome trajectory!

2015 started out slow from a race standpoint.  I kept it light leading up to the BAA Half-marathon with only my now traditional mid-winter classic to break-up the monotony of Maine winter.  Sadly a newly diagnosed iron deficiency hit me at the wrong time so I missed my goal for the half but with family cheering me on, friends on the course, and the city of Boston and it’s finest providing some great sites and encouragement, it’s a race that will continue on the “to do” list even if 2016 may be a bi-year.

With that, all effort shifted to the big sub-4 in October.  Although my eye was on the prize, I definitely didn’t have any lack of races and more importantly laughter along the way.  The summer racing season can’t be beat in Maine and, with such an awesome running community, there just continues to be more high fives and cheers of encouragement at each race. Me = soooooo grateful!

I rung in Fall, even if it felt like mid-summer, with Reach the Beach.  This has easily become one of my all time favorite events.  2016 may not be the year to do this, but one item on the bucket list is to definitely check-off a few more Ragnar’s in more “exotic” locations.  Ragnar Hawaii here I come!!!!!  Okay, maybe not, but maybe Ragnar wine country!

Then, what seemed so far away in June when training started, was on my doorstep.  Sub-4 hours was staring me down and it was go time.  I have concluded that my quest for great race pictures and ever faster paces is an oxymoron and an attempt to have my cake and eat it too.  If my marathon photos are any indication, getting what you trained for equates to the most laughable, unflattering, wear the pain right on your sleeve moments captured in picture form.  You know what, I’m alright with that choice and I’ll take “greatness” (in quotes because it’s my level of greatness and we’re obviously not talking Olympic greatness) every time.  Okay not every time, because just once I want to have a jump across the finish line picture as fabulous as #chasethebunsSusan and that may mean walking a 5k and sprinting the last 100 yards.  It must be done!  All this being said, even though I missed the sub-4 by thismuch, the Hartford Marathon will forever hold a special place in my heart.  It may take me a few years to get back on the horse, but I have learned that saying never again to a marathon, especially surrounded by my crazy running friends, is an empty threat and it’s better to just accept that I am delaying the inevitable.

The last couple of months have been filled with surprise races with new friends and racing buddies….including the hubs 🙂  As I stated at the beginning, I can only hope that whatever 2016 has in store it’s a continuation of the love, energy and support this sport has brought into my life….oh and even faster times and crazier challenges *wink wink

Wishing you and yours a VERY Merry Christmas and cheers to a FABULOUS 2016!

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