The Fish is BACK?

I’ve always been a fish according to my parents.  My first house had a pool so I was in the water pretty much from birth – well not birth because my birthday is in December and I grew-up in CT so that wouldn’t really be healthy for a baby – but you know what I mean 🙂  Ever since I can remember I’ve just loved the feeling of water rushing around me – the sound is hypnotic when you’re under water.  I’m so weird that my family “fondly” refers to me as a baleen whale because I swim, notice I didn’t say “swam”, with my mouth open just to feel the water rushing by.  My sister and I could entertain ourselves for HOURS playing mermaids, dolphins, synchronized swimmers (thankfully no videos remain), etc.  Okay lets be honest we could probably entertain ourselves doing ALL those things today, but that’s the thing….it’s kind of frowned upon to live in the water as an adult. MAJOR BUMMER!

Today, however, the fish returned!  My buddy Kate is always nudging me to take it up a notch so when she mentioned this summer that I should try a triathlon next year my response was a resounding, “SURE!”…pause….”How do you train for that?”  Thankfully Kate is one of the most supportive and generous spirits I know so she agreed that once I was done with marathon training she would get me going swimming and biking.  Today was day 1!  We swam for 30 minutes but my body feels like I ran 15 miles!

Swimming is a sneaky sport.  When you’re in the water all you hear is your breathing and the water – BEST SOUND EVER! – so you don’t realize how hard your heart is beating until you stop.   As for my body, while in the water I felt like I could go forever but as soon as I stepped out my legs were jello and now I want an afternoon nap.  Naps – another thing that’s frowned upon as an adult – ugh!

Last night I was a bundle of nerves in anticipation of getting back into the water.  Would I make it a lap?  How much water would I swallow?  Will I trip on something walking into the pool because I can’t wear my contacts with goggles and I’m pretty near sighted?  Good news! I made it more than 1 lap.  I only mildly choked a couple times but was able to recover without missing a stroke.  I didn’t make a fool of myself – at least not due to my blindness!  It may be Friday the 13th but today feels like my lucky day – starting your day with a friend in the water is pretty great 🙂  Cheers to new challenges and friends that support you along the way!


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