A good one

You know those days, or in my case weekends, that unsuspectingly end-up being one of those “great weekends”.  The universe magically aligns and great things just happen.  Well my friends, this was one of those weekends.  Only downer was that the hubs was away but as you’ll see we took lots of pictures so we will make him feel like he was here the whole time.

The weekend started out on Friday with a visit to my company’s “new” office.  I say “new” because my co-workers have been in there since July.  It takes food, specifically a Chili cook-off, to convince me it’s worth getting dressed in real clothes and doing my hair to visit said office.  Alas I did not win the cook-off but the office is beautiful and it’s always nice to catch-up with friends so not a complete loss 😉

From there I sped home to squeeze in a few more hours of work before heading back out for Alex’s Halloween party at school.  There were adorable Halloween songs, children in costumes, snacks and friends.  You really can’t ask for anything better.

Vampire Minion - duuuhhh!!!
Vampire Minion – duuuhhh!!!

Next we hit up Bruce’s Burrito for date night before heading to friends’ for their annual Pumpkin Carving party.  This was the first year we’ve been able to make it, and better the hubs wasn’t around since the smell of pumpkins makes him want to puke.  Alex’s first pumpkin carving was a SUCCESS!!!


Early last week a friend reached out to see if I wanted to run a local 5k with her – the Yarmouth Pumpkin Run.  I thought it was Sunday and therefore thought my parents would be here to watch Alex, in the hub’s absence, so I said “SURE!”  I figured it would be a good pace race before Thanksgiving.  Around Wednesday I realized the race was Saturday but hey we would make it work.  I still needed to be at Roasters – there was a birthday crown to deliver! – so after a great 3.2 warm-up with a beloved buddy, Alex and I headed over to the Pumpkin Run to register.  I was planning to run with Alex in the stroller so pace race was no longer in the cards but a solid day of resistance training was good enough for me.  Surprise! Surprise!  Another running buddy was there at the race to cheer on her friends and Alex wanted to stay with her to cheer everyone on – love that kid! – which meant I was back to pace race status.  The weekend surprises just kept coming….what I originally thought was a “post baby” PR ended up being an ALL TIME PR!!!  Apparently I had in my head that I was much faster back in 2007 – ha!  Previous 5k PR from 2007 when I was in “the best of shape of my life” after our wedding was 24:46….this weekend’s time, on a certified course mind you!, 23:34!  SMASHED IT!!!!  No asterisk needed – 5k PR achieved and one goal checked off the list – woot woot!!

Alex also had one of HIS best races yet!  He ran a full 1k – BY HIMSELF! – and had an absolute blast doing it.  Sharing the love of being outside, pushing your limits, competing and supporting your friends, are just a few of the reasons we share this sport with Alex.  It’s DEFINITELY more than just the act of running.

Pumpkin Run 5k

To just add to the running glow, my parents brought with them my Athena division winner award from the Hartford Marathon.  It’s so official looking!


The rest of the day was filled with family fun, shopping with my mom, and of course trick-or-treating.

Coolest Nana & Papa around!
Coolest Nana & Papa around!

Sunday was another beautiful fall day in Maine that we took full advantage of and it was NYC Marathon day!!!!  Two friends were running the race so much of the day was also spent manically checking their tracking updates 🙂

Alex & his Papa about to fly a new plane – it was AWESOME!

After my parents left, Alex and I were both tuckered out, so snuggles on the couch flipping between football and Property Brothers – because that’s how we roll – was the culmination of a weekend filled with GREAT surprises.  I hope your weekend was just as wonderful!!!!

Oh yea - Alex also had an impromptu photo shoot....he was ALL too happy to oblige
Oh yea – Alex also had an impromptu photo shoot….he was ALL too happy to oblige


  1. Love this and love you!

    P.s. I’m thinking of starting a company or non profit to support and strengthen young women. Obviously you will be my co-president. Not now but it’s in the 5 year plan. I already got sneaky on board. FYI! Xo L


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