I will not…

  1. Gain the “post marathon 15” – My weekly mileage has gone from a peak of 40 or so miles a week down to 25 which means my weekly caloric burn has dropped proportionately.  I feel REALLY good.  I feel REALLY strong.  I’ve worked REALLY hard over the last year to get here and I won’t let the holidays with all their meal-centric celebrations take me backwards.  That being said, my world revolves around food.  Since the phrase “I run to eat” is my daily motto, I refuse to sulk through the holidays unable to enjoy the food that makes the holidays for me.  The post marathon 15 is gained because people forget to adjust their diet.  The best part about marathon training was that I could “cheat” and not think about it.  Sadly I have to think now – bummer! – making choices rather than taking the “world is my oyster” approach.  Not impossible – just a challenge.  Number 2 will also help 🙂
  2. Stop running – Running helps me keep my sanity.  That’s especially true living in a state that very quickly will be experiencing pretty limited daylight.  I haven’t run on a treadmill in over a  year (Yes, I ran through last winter OUTSIDE.  The tundra winter!) so even though the sun isn’t always shining, just getting outside lifts my spirits and gets me refocused.  It will also help with number 1!
  3. Lose my speed – The Mid-Winter Classic, a 10 mile race in February, is right around the corner.  Okay not really “right” around the corner but it does sneak up on you!  I’d like to be able to shave off a few more minutes next year and run it at my half-marathon pace of 8:45s.  If I can at least hold solid through the winter, I know I’ll be setting myself up for a great 2016 race season!
  4. Forget that there is more than running – I’ve started a new strength routine (still working with Susan OBVIOUSLY) which means I’m back to two days a week.  It also means working out with more friends which always keeps it entertaining – especially at 5:30 in the morning!  I will also start swimming one day a week.  I can’t wait!  I looooooove to swim and used to be pretty good.  We’ll see if I’ve still got it!
  5. Let my husband beat me on Thanksgiving – It has been clear from my husband’s daily reports of his lunchtime runs that he was NOT messing around when he challenged me to a 5k at Thanksgiving.  The plan is to keep him in my sights for the first 2.5 and then SMOKE HIM to the finish!  Post baby 5k PR here we come!!!

Hope those of you still in the throws of marathon training are doing well!  Those of you who are basking in your 2015 racing season successes, CONGRATS!!!  Now it’s time to reboot 🙂

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