My Cup Overflows

I am still floating on cloud nine after Saturday’s Hartford Marathon but lets first get this out of the way – I did not break 4 hours.  I finished in 4:02:20.  This was a 43 minutes – yes, you read that right – 43 minute PR.  Looking back there is not much I would have done differently.  I left it out on the course – my torn quads are proof of that – and although it appears I need some training on how to run the tangents (ran an extra half mile), I refuse to kick myself for that.  Yes, perhaps I could have broken 4 hours, but honestly I don’t care.  My face, specifically my cheeks, have been sore since Saturday.  I smiled for literally the whole race – apparently this is not normal but hopefully you have learned I rarely am.  Even when I wanted to give-up, thank goodness for my husband!, he kept me focused (reminding me to breath because at mile 24 I did in fact need that reminder) and kept it light so I could still joke while at the same time wanting to sit down and cry.

And cry I almost did at the start of the race.  Not because I was sad – oh no – but rather because the outpouring of support via texts, Facebook posts and messages, and phone calls were beyond anything I could have imagined.  I felt the hugs, felt the high fives, felt the energy that were coming my way from New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Illinois, Missouri, Florida and of course Maine.

Crossing that finish line produced a high I haven’t felt before.  It was over – FINALLY!!!  This training season was a beast.  I, with the help of some tremendous training partners, have accomplished things I never thought possible which leads to only one question…What else is possible?  Although I don’t see another marathon in my future, the distance just doesn’t get me up the morning, I haven’t quite figured out what the plan is – or at least not the timing – but a few goals for the next 18 months are:

  • Beat my 24-year-old self’s 5k PR of 21:30
  • Complete a sprint triathlon
  • Achieve a Half-marathon PR of 1:51 (8:30 pace)
  • Beat my husband at a 10k – He threw this out there so it’s not my fault when his ego is CRUSHED! 🙂

Although the training for the marathon is complete, this blog will continue.  I haven’t quite figured out the new focus – it may shift to the triathlon training since the swimming and biking are totally new frontiers for me – so keep a look out for some new challenges and I’ll keep my eye on yours!


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