The Hay is in the Barn

Monday’s Workout: 4 Miles @ 9:36; 4 30 second intervals at 8:40
Tuesday’s Workout: 45 Minutes Strength with Susan

Today’s Workout: 4 Miles-ish @ 9:15-ish

The phrase “The hay is in the barn,” was a new one to me when I started running with the Roasters a couple years go.  Why I had never heard it before baffles me because it could apply to any number of life activities, but, yes, it is perfectly applied to the world of running and more specifically training to run farther and/or faster.

I started this training plan 18 weeks ago.  At that time, it seemed like I would never put enough hay in the barn but staring down Saturday I feel ready.  I feel most ready because of all the people around me.

My husband, (hopefully you already read my “ode to Andy” from this weekend but if not check it out here My Love), the man who this week has had to hear me recite over and over again “the plans” for Saturday, deal with my near freak out over what I should wear and if my chosen outfit had enough pockets only to then let him know I had chosen a new outfit that would be much safer, and patiently nod when I say, “I can do this. I can do this? You’ll help me do this? Oh God I’m doing this!”

Susan, with her adorable buns, has been my rock, my sounding board, and my ass kicker.  She has told me “No!” when I needed a big slap in the face “NO!” and she has also told me “YES!” when I was letting myself slip into “Maybe.”  She has gotten my body into shape to a level I really didn’t think possible post the big 3-0.  She has done this all with no fanfare, no drama, no “see how much you need me” crap, just the support of a friend who wanted to see me succeed and was just happy she could help.

Kate, the spirit of a true champion and my hero.  When I grow up I want to be like Kate.  Her determination, athleticism, and true love of the sport of endurance ANYTHING is awe inspiring but that’s just the beginning.  There is a reason my son has quickly latched on to Ms. Kate and all her goodness.  She has this spirit, a spirit that makes other people want to be around her and follow her lead.  Kate is never satisfied with the status quo and continues to make herself and this world a better place.  Like I said, a bar I strive to hit or at least do some good while trying.

My “non-running friends”, your blind support on this endeavor has meant more than you know.  You may not study the ins and out of this insane obsession but you knew it was hard, you knew it took time, and you knew it meant a lot to me, so you sent little notes of love and support, you made wise cracks about my insanity and then asked where you should be on the course.  I am lucky beyond words.

My Roasters, the smiles, sarcasm, and endless banter that I am so excited to be a part of each Saturday I rarely sleep on Friday  nights.  It’s Christmas Eve every week for me!  There was a hole in my circle that I didn’t know was there until I met all of you.  You make my life in Maine something really special, something I know is unique because of who all of you are and the stories you bring into my life.

My family, the people who fall into all of the previous buckets.  The people who I know are so proud of me but never let me get too big for my britches.  They remind me, often, that I once wanted to run hurdles but they saved me from endless embarrassment in high school. (I still think I could have been great – GREAT I TELL YOU!)  My sister will unfortunately be at work on Satruday but she is tracking me and it will make me laugh as I pass over each checkpoint to picture her diving at her phone to get the update – mmmmm good stuf.  My one wish for Saturday – making my mom pee her pants because she’s so excited when she sees me….yup, I just wrote that mom and I can’t wait for the full report afterwards!

I will be crossing that finish line on Saturday at 3:59:59 because of all of you.  It has taken one big freaking village to load all the hay and I have no plans of letting any of you down.

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