My Love

Thursday’s Workout: 1 Mile @ 10:01, 2 Minute intervals @ 8:00, 1 Mile @ 10:19
Friday’s Workout: 5.13 Miles @ 10:26
Saturday’s Workout: 6.64 Miles @ 9:23

Today is my husband’s birthday so it seemed a very appropriate day to say share with all of you why I’m the luckiest wife.

My husband and I celebrated his first birthday at age 19.  We met first week of freshman year at college and although he tried to deny it, it was love at first sight.  It was those soccer player legs….I just couldn’t resist!  He has always made me laugh with his dry sense of humor and quick wit.  We challenge each other both mentally and physically.  I ran my first half marathon with him.  A goal I would have never thought of had it not been for him.  He has always been an athlete – varsity soccer player, basketball player, baseball player, flip cup, beer pong, you name it!

Although he isn’t a big runner, he enjoys biking more, he quietly increased his running training a couple months ago.  I asked him pretty soon after I registered for Hartford that he run me in the last 6 miles.  I have learned after multiple races that his face, his smiling, proud, face is all I need to lift me up when I’m about to give up, so it seemed a no brainer that he be charged with getting me across that finish line in under 4.  He is stronger than me and therefore faster in a 50 yard dash hands down, but to hold 9:00 minute pace for 6 miles he was going to need to train, and so he did.

He has taken his task not too seriously, why I love him, but just serious enough to let me know 6 weeks ago that 6 miles wasn’t going to happen for the pace I needed but 4 could and would definitely be possible.  Come to find out that actually works perfect based on Hartford’s course, so 4 miles with my husband it will be.

I have some tremendous “running friends” that would and have offered to run whatever I need next weekend but I have graciously declined.  This wasn’t because I couldn’t use it, every little bit is going to count, but I really want this to be our race.  I won’t be running this race for him, this race is for me, to prove to myself that I can do it.  However, I will be crossing that finish line for him.  When I want to give up, I will dig deep for him.  He didn’t give me all the time I needed to log these miles just to fall short.  I won’t let him down.

I know I am lucky for the support my husband gives me for this slight running obsession.  It is a hobby that infringes on family time, on our time.  He admits that selfishly he gets some benefits too – like the 8 inches I’ve lost off my body – MEN!  But as I told him a few weeks ago one of the reasons I love “us” is because we are FIERCELY competitive with each other.  This competition is not, however, because we want to beat each other, but rather because we want the other person to rise to the challenge.  His face will get me through 22.2 miles…..chasing his buns will get me through the other 4.4.  Love you, babe!  Happy Birthday and here’s to MANY more together!


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