Today’s Workout: 1 Hour Yin Yoga (flipped today’s run for tomorrow since we have a freaking monsoon in Maine today!)

I don’t know what to think.  Thousands of runners, my friends included, who trained their butts off and achieved a Boston Qualifying time found out today that they are not eligible to register for 2016 as a qualifying runner.  They could of course join a charity team and be charged with raising a significant amount of money, but is that the same if you did in fact achieve a qualifying time?  Is that even possible for the majority of folks?

That being said, it is such a great indicator of the sports growth in popularity and participation that they even had to make this decision.  A decision, mind you, that I’m sure they did not take likely.

The question that keeps popping into my head though is, “Why Boston?”  I’m pretty sure, yup I’m positive, that Boston is 26.2 miles just like the Hartford I’m running in 10 days.  I’m also fairly confident that I don’t have to put an asterisk next to it when I say I’m a marathoner because I haven’t qualified for Boston.  I can appreciate that there is an energy for some at this race that is really magical, and if some of you did not get in today after achieving a qualifying time, I am truly sorry.  I cannot begin to imagine, having just gone through marathon training myself, what it feels like to put all your blood, sweat and tears into this goal, achieve it, and then not have it come to fruition due to no fault of your own.  I think I would scream….really loud….if you haven’t done that yet, give it a shot.

I also thinks it’s important to state that those folks that DO decide to run with a charity team – thank you!  After volunteering for two years, I can tell you that runners wearing a charity team bib do NOT take it likely.  I’m sure many of them do fall into the bucket of “I qualified but couldn’t get in, ” or maybe it is a bucket list item and this was their way to run their dream and oh wow also raise money for a worthy cause – win win!  Please don’t think I am poo-pooing the amount of money and support that is raised during the Boston Marathon.

I do believe, after thinking about this post, my point, however, is this: one race doesn’t make a runner.  Those that believe Boston to be the holy grail and use that as a way to look down on other runners who have not qualified, have not achieved the new “defacto” qualifying times OR, if you’re like me, do not understand the appeal of Boston and have no desire to ever run it, well you stink and give the sport a bad name.

To my friends whose names were not on “the list” today.  You ARE amazing runners with true grit and ability.  You ARE one of the less than 1% of the US population that CAN run a marathon.   You will ALWAYS make my cut. These words may seem hollow today but maybe read this again tomorrow or next week and hopefully it brings a smile to your face.

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