Thursday: Rest

Today’s Workout: See Below

This morning I ran 6ish at a 9:30ish pace.  I don’t know how far I ran or at what pace because I was without any electronic devices – I just ran.  I listened to my feet hitting the pavement.  I listened to my breathing get deeper up the hills and then settle back in on the flats.  This morning’s run was an interesting reflection of what my running routine has become – storm and then calm, storm and then calm – just the way I like it.

I started my run with my crew but I was the only one going longer so they turned back after two.  I don’t really think to bring anything with me on these Friday runs since everyone else is wearing some timing device and we’re talking so I don’t need music.  Today’s alone time was a surprise and after a few steps I realized a welcome surprise.  I am now only two weeks from the marathon which means I have been training for the last 12 weeks.  I’m tired.  My legs are tired.  My brain is tired.  Everything is tired.  Being out there today, with the start of taper and therefore no real paces to hit during the runs, I could just enjoy running and I felt good.

There is a lot of chatter out there about running, if I’m honest this blog is one of them, but being out there today listening to my body got me to thinking.  You need to silence the chatter at some point.  Seeking advice and opinions is one thing, but at the end of the day taking that step back and deciding what works best for YOU, right now, for YOUR goals is paramount.  Over the last couple years I’ve received plenty of advice and, while I’m confident it was all well intenioned, some of it just didn’t work for me.  Training plans, diets, playlists, they are all individual – even the “tried and true”.

Making the choices that work for you and for your life is what will get you out there every day.  It does take time to figure out what works for you – it took me two years – but trying different approaches along the way keeps it fun.  Just remember that nothing is a definite, no matter how much the person telling you it is one believes it to be true.  It is simply THEIR definite but it might be your nice for today but never again.  Don’t let that person or anyone else make you feel bad about that.  Remember they are choices – not rules.

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