I’ll be back!

Friday’s Workout: 6 Miles @ 9:11 Pace
Sunday’s Workout: 12 Miles @ 9:14; 5 Miles 8:35; 3 Miles @ 9:28; All in 20.68 Miles @ 9:08!
Monday’s Workout: Rest
Tuesday’s Workout: 1 Mile warm-up @ 9:39; 8 Miles @ 8:55; 1 Mile cool down at 10:02
Wednesday’s Workout: 4 Miles @ 10:00 (I’m totally making this up as I ran without any timing mechanism.  I did however SEE A BEAR!!!!)
Thursday’s: Rest – getting ready for Reach the Beach
Friday’s Workout: Leg 1 – 7.27 miles @ 8:43
Saturday’s Workouts: Leg 2 – 7.28 miles @ 9:17 & Leg 3 – 2.46 miles @ 7:49
Sunday: Rest, nap, Rest, eat, Rest
Monday’s Workout: 4 Miles @ 9:25
Tuesday’s Workout: 45 Minutes Strength with Susan

Today’s Workout: 1 Mile warm-up @ 9:08; 6 Miles @ 8:33; 1 Mile cool down @ 9:52

“I’ve always wondering how many times I could be party to a “poop” reference.”  Said no one…ever!  But the answer is 357.  I have, however, wondered how many times I could almost pee my pants I was laughing so hard in a 48 hour period….okay, I’ve never wondered that either but the answer is 12.  Another Reach the Beach is in the books and with it these answers as well as another round of magical memories.

This year was different from last but last year was my first and you can’t expect to replicate that energy of the “unknown”.  This year’s energy was different especially in our van where 5 out of 6 of us were “returning” RTBers.  We had a calm about us that DEFINITELY wasn’t there last year.  Lets be clear though, between legs may have been a little calmer, but when it was go time it was GO TIME!  This “leave it all on the course” mentality is why I knew I would come back to race this year and why I will be there again in 2016.

I’ve tried for the last few days to figure out how to capture and recount all the hilarity that happened between the two days but like I mentioned in my last post it ends up being a lot of, “I guess you had to be there.” so I’m not even going to try.  I’ve instead boiled it down to these critical points (in no particular order):

  • You can never have too many hashtags written on your van and don’t leave Kate alone with a marker or you yourself may be tagged with said hashtag #KKlovesagoodhashtag #givemeakiss
  • Ragnar runs a great relay!  Well lets be honest….they coordinate some AMAZING volunteers and THEY run a great relay 🙂
  • Your team name is VERY important – make sure it makes you laugh and bonus points if it makes others do the same
  • No matter how apprehensive or even petrified you are of the night run, it WILL be your favorite.
  • You will see things that you rarely get to witness running at your “normal” times of day i.e. a GAZILLION stars as crystal clear as you’ve ever imagined or the sunrise coming over the hills
  • You won’t kill each other.  As tempting as it may be at times, you won’t kill each other because you’re teammates aaaaaannnnddd you need them to run their leg or else YOU’LL be stuck with the miles.  This keeps everyone in check.
  • Take lots of pictures AND VIDEO – preferably with a GoPro or some other device that will automatically take the pictures when no one realizes.

These 11 other people make this race for me every year.  We grow closer, share more laughs, and support each other in ways you can’t in the normal course of our crazy “regular” lives.  Thank you, Hot to Trot, for making 2015 another RTB to remember.  I look forward to 2016….and 20 degrees cooler temps!


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