The Battle

Insight into my morning….

Beep Beep Beep

Blerch: Ugh!  You slept like crap last night – lets snooze a little more.

Runner: You need to get up and get this done so you’re home in time for Andy to leave and make his meeting.

Blerch: You don’t really need to run now.  You could run later

Runner:  It’s going to be REALLY hot later.  You need to run now.

Blerch: How hot could it really get?  Running at 9:00 will be just as cool.

Runner: It’s going to be 90 degrees today!  GET OUT OF BED!

Blerch: Just close your eyes.  You really deserve this rest.

Runner: GET OUT OF BED!  Alex will be up in 30 minutes anyway and you’re OBVIOUSLY awake now since you’re having this whole conversation in your head.  You might as well just get this done!

Me: Both of you SHUT UP!  I’M GETTING UP!

Roll out of bed with eyes closed.  Go through the drill of pre-run prep barely awake.  Out the door in 10 minutes flat.  HAVE A F*CKING AWESOME SPEED WORKOUT!!!

Thank you, Runner, for winning the battle this morning and giving the Blerch a round house to the face!

Today’s Workout:
The Plan: 1 Mile warm-up; 3 x 2 Miles @ 8:30 – 8:40 pace; 1 Mile Cool down
The Actual: 1 Mile @ 9:51; 3 x 2 Miles @ 8:38 (all three were EXACTLY the same – boo yea!); 1 Mile @ 9:44; Total mileage 8.65 @ 8:59

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