Give a little bit

Tuesday’s Workout: 45 Minutes Strength with Susan
Wednesday’s Workout: 7 Miles @ 9:29
Thursday’s Workout: Rest Day
Friday’s Workout: 5.54 Miles @ 9:57
Saturday’s Workout: 10 Miles @ 9:11
Sunday’s Workout: Rest Day! (Although I did wash all three cars!)

Monday’s Workout:
The Plan: 1 Mile warm-up; 5 x 1000 8:05-8:15; 1 Mile Cool Down
The Actual: 1 Mile @ 9:23; 5 x 1000 @ 8:12 average; 1 Mile @ 9:43; Total Mileage 5.66 @ 8:51

Most of my posts, and from what I can tell many of the other “running blogs”, are about OUR experience running.  How far we ran, how fast we ran, our struggles and why you should be so amazed by our awesomeness (admit it….you are! ha!).  I’m a member of a race committee team and as we are just two weeks away (yikes!) from our annual 5k, it has caused me to pause and reflect on the fact that some of my most inspiring and most enjoyable races have been the ones I wasn’t running.

2014 Mile 14
2014 Mile 14

I volunteered for my first Boston Marathon in 2014 – yes, that year – with the Maine Track Club and MANY of my Roaster friends.  Thankfully we were stationed at mile 14 out in Wellesley and were actually already on our way home when we heard news of the bombs.  Not to be deterred, we were all, plus some, back at it this year.  Baring witness to the elite runners with their beautiful and effortless strides was awe inspiring.  Equally moving was supporting the thousands of runners that followed them.  Every shape, size, race, age and ability ran by that day.  Their spirits were beautiful and they would sincerely thank us every time they grabbed a cup of water or Gatorade.

MTC Roasters representing at Mile 14 2015
MTC Roasters representing at Mile 14 2015

I’ve also volunteered at a couple Girls On The Run races, one of which my son.  If you haven’t attended – volunteer or spectator – a kids race before you NEED to do it.  They are just magical.  Girls On The Run is a really special organization – if you don’t know who they are or what they do definitely check out the site.  The determination in the girls’ eyes.  The support they receive from their running buddies, each other, and family.  It all reminds you that the human spirit is mostly good – and pretty darn tough.

handing out "free showers"
handing out “free showers”

Last year was the first 5k that Skyline Farm sponsored.  My mother-in-law was deeply involved in saving this beautiful piece of property so when the idea for a 5k popped up at a board meeting and they were looking for a runner to join the team, she threw my name out – I’m very glad she did.  Year one was a lot of work.  None of us had ever planned a race before so everything was a first.  This year has been a little easier but it’s still fun to see it all come together at the last minute.  Of course every year improves and we step-up our game for the runners!

Photo credit Sarah Walsh of Epona Crafts
Photo credit Sarah Walsh of Epona Crafts

So the point of this post….find a race – maybe a local one or maybe one that supports a cause near and dear to your heart – and volunteer to help out.  These races don’t happen without volunteers and I can assure you that the experience will give your running spirit a lift.

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