It’s been over a week since my last post – sorry! – so I’m going to keep this simple and just post my actual workouts.

Tuesday’s Workout: 45 Minutes Strength with Susan
Wednesday’s Workout: 1 Mile @ 9:51; 5 Miles @ 8:35; 1 Mile @ 9:45
Thursday’s Workout: Rest
Friday’s Workout: Rest
Saturday’s Workout: Rest
Sunday’s Workout: 16 Miles @ 9:24
Last Week Summary – solid week but 6 miles short of target :-/  I was stuck in a class for 3 days and it kind of screwed up my rhythm.

Monday’s Workout: 4.5 Miles @ 9:30 + 6 30 sec strides @ 7:30

Trust.  It’s something that I’ve been preoccupied with the last few weeks.  As I’ve mentioned before I compulsively review my FULL plan.  I look ahead to prepare myself mentally but lately it’s been a little daunting.  I’ve started to doubt this whole “break 4 hours” goal.  Can I really do it?  I can hold the pace for 13 but 26.2??  That’s the test.  As the anxiety starts to rise and my brain starts to think about plan B, I….pause….take a deep breath and recite three very important words, “Trust The Plan.”.

I remind myself that I’ve been on the faster side of every pace range for a workout.  I remind myself that the last Runkeeper plan I did not only got me to the plan’s goal (sub two hour half) but it got me a PR 1:56!  The anxiety subsides and I release to “the plan”.  Trust The Plan.

After this week’s long run, and how strong I felt through most of it (I got hungry so the last two miles were rough), it reminded me that when that taper comes TRUST IT!  Embrace the taper.  It will do EXACTLY what I need it to.  Make my legs antsy to get out there and run.  Give them much needed rest.  Let them stride freely on race day and carry me over that finish in 3:59:59!  Trust The Taper.

It’s this complete letting go that type A control freaks like myself struggle with on a daily basis.  Let it be our work, family or running lives.  It’s what gets us in trouble if we aren’t careful.  We take on other people’s monkey’s at work and end up working insane hours and fail to empower those around us to do what THEY are fully capable of.  We raise children that don’t make their own bed because at the end of the day they won’t do it “correctly” so I might as well do it.  When the plan gets hard or maybe even too easy, we think WE know better and add a few more miles or throw in some speedwork during a pull back week, only to pay the price two weeks later when our legs are dead.

At a fairly young age, I remember my mother re-hashing a conversation she had with another woman in our church who had a son going through cancer treatment.  My mother was gushing about how she couldn’t understand how the woman was so composed and seemed so at peace when the woman looked at her and said, “I pray.  To truly pray you need to let it go.  Give it to God and let him keep it.”  My mother kept on talking but as a kid I still remember how that struck me and I just kept replaying it in my head – “Let him keep it.”  Ever since then I have developed a trick.  I practice it every time I catch myself holding on to something I need to let go of FULLY.  Practice with me…..recite whatever it is you are holding on to that YOU have little to no control over and/or need to place in someone/something else’s control.  For me, “Trust the plan.”  Then take a deep breath and blow it out through your mouth.  Do you feel it?  Do you feel that weight just go away?  You’re free.  Free to not over think the running plan – just follow it.  Free to not question whether your 4 year old pulls the sheet up perfectly straight – the bed is made that’s all that needed to be done.  Free to not question whether your husband loaded the dishwasher EXACTLY the way you do it – the dishes are no longer in the sink that was the goal.  Be thankful for all of it and just embrace what you don’t have to do.

“Trust but verify” is a, in some ways dangerous, axiom that has crept into our global psyche.  That’s not trust.  Trust is not having to verify.  Trust is pure and whole.

Trust the Plan

Deep Breath

Trust the Taper

Deep Breath



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