Shoe Club

Saturday’s Workout:
The Plan: 15 Miles Steady (9:20 – 9:40)
The Actual: 15 Miles @ 9:36 – it was a rough one but I made it through

Sunday: Rest Day aka 4 hours at the BEACH!

Today’s Workout:
The Plan: 1 Mile Warm-up; 4×1 Mile; 1 Mile Cool-down
The Actual: 1 Mile @ 9:21; 1 Mile @ 8:30 (fast mile); 1 Mile @9:20 (steady mile); 1 Mile @ 9:08 (fast mile); 1 Mile @ 9:06 (fast mile); I didn’t feel like doing my cool down because it was hot…really hot…did I mention it was HOT!?!?!?!?!

Did you know there is a shoe club?  There is.  We started it in 2004 in Hartford, CT.  My friend Meg is the president, I’m pretty sure Lauren is the Vice President, Whoop (not her real name – obviously – but she had a really bad cough early on in our friendship soooooo….she is now Whoop – eternally immortalized as such in my phone contacts) is the Treasurer and maybe I’m the Secretary.  Really all you need to know is Meg is the President and the rest of us are founding members.  Responsibilities of the Shoe Club are as follows: share findings of amazing footwear, share coupons/deals on amazing footwear and correct footwear faux pas – by other Shoe Club members and the general public.  If you have not come across the Shoe Club it means one of three things:

  1. You have not committed a footwear faux pas – hooray for you!
  2. You don’t have exceptionally cute footwear – you should really get on that.  Shoes are a happy place.
  3. A Shoe Club member has simply not seen you wearing exceptionally cute or exceptionally bad footwear – this is a shame too because we’re really fun.   Alas we cannot be everywhere.
Look at how cute we are?  Okay this is not really us but it is from a book Meg gave me YEARS ago where she named us in all the pictures and I feel it represents us well.
Look at how cute we are! Okay this is not really us but it is from a book Meg gave me YEARS ago where she named us in all the pictures and I feel it represents us well.

As you can see I have a clear love of shoes.  Beautiful shoes, adorable shoes, creative shoes, defy the laws of gravity shoes, displays of amazing craftsmanship shoes, comfortable shoes – my love runs the gamut!  So it is not surprising that I drawn to a sport that REQUIRES you to buy new shoes on a regular basis.  The general rule of thumb for replacing your sneaks is every 400 to 500 miles but, as I recently found out, listening to your body can be a pretty good indicator regardless of mileage.  What’s interesting with this sport, however, is instead of variety, the goal is to find “your shoe”….and pray to the running gods the manufacturer never changes anything about it!

My current shoe of choice is the Saucony Zealot.  It’s a 4mm shoe and fairly light weight.  However, it has enough support for my “heavier than average runner” body.  As mentioned earlier, it was brought to my attention, by the shooting pain in my right ankle, about 6 weeks ago that I was due for new shoes.  Did I listen?  Nope.  Instead I kept running and simply added “get new running sneaks” to my proverbial To Do list.  My procrastination really bit me in the behind when I went THE NIGHT BEFORE the Beach to Beacon race to replace my sneaks and they were out!  THE HORROR!!!!  I tried on a couple other “options” but they weren’t MY shoe and at between $100 and $150 a pair it’s a real investment and not one to settle on.  So instead, they ordered me a pair and I figured, “What harm could another 6 miles in these sneaks do at this point?”  The answer – maybe none, maybe a lot or maybe I’m still just paying for whatever that osteopath shifted around.  Sadly my new sneaks haven’t “fixed” my ankle.  To be honest I probably ran too long without the needed arch support on my right ankle – I overpronate.  BUT I did figure out today that I was doing some heavy duty heal strike  on my right foot because I was so focused on correcting the overpronation.  Once I just relaxed my calf and let myself do my normal mid-strike I was feeling MUCH better!  High five team!  I have some lingering tendinitis that I’m dealing with this afternoon – should have probably replaced those sneaks sooner – but some ice and ibuprofen should help 🙂

My sneaks make me happy.  Just as happy as my strappy sandles, flip-flops, LL Bean espadrille flats, platform pumps and patent leather booties.  Looking extra good in all the other pairs of shoes because my running sneaks get a workout, is an extra bonus 🙂

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