Are there any beaches?

Tuesday’s Workout:
The Plan: Strength
The Actual: 1 Hour Vinyasa Yoga (Ms. Susan was on vacation so I was on my own.)

Wednesday’s Workout:
The Plan: 1 Mile Slow; 2×2 Fast; 1 Mile Slow
The Actual: 1 Mile @ 9:34; 2 Miles @ 8:25; 3 min recovery; 2 Miles @ 8:31; 1 Mile @ 9:32

Thursday’s Workout: Rest Day

Today’s Workout:
The Plan: 5 Miles Slow
The Actual: 5 Miles @ 9:12

Disclaimer: I promised you this wouldn’t be a ranting blog and I think I’ve stuck to that pretty well over the last two months.  HOWEVER, it’s Friday, I’m recovering from some kind of stomach bug/food poisoning, so this is what you get.

I read my friend Dan’s blog I’ll Take You There yesterday in reference to his “new” role of Maine conceirge now that we’re pretty overrun by tourists along the coast.  I chuckled to myself, thanked my lucky stars that I run near more “local” areas, and went to bed.  Then THIS happened!  Kharma’s a real b-i-t-c-h sometimes!

Scene: Me trudging up, at mile 4.5 of 5, the “Rosemont hill” at a sweet grade of at LEAST 45 degrees, under full sun and 80 degree temps surrounded by the sweet smell of road construction.

Me: gives slight head nod to construction worker standing at the TOP of said 45 degree hill

Construction worker (said right as I pass): Are there any beaches?

Me (flipping head around with quizzacle look and barely able to speak): BEACHES?!

Construction worker: Yes, beaches.  You know to take your family to.

Me (still running because momentum is my friend up this hill): Yes. (gasp) Cousins Island. (Flails arm and points in direction of beach).

Me: Turns, runs off, GASPING FOR AIR!, and thinks, should I go back and make sure he knew where I was pointing?

WHHHYYYY!?!?!?!!?  Why do people think I’m nice?  What part of my body language made you think I COULD give directions to the beach at that moment?  A head nod.  That is all I gave you.  Not a smile or a wave.  But a barely there head nod.  Today I was not willing or able to be your concierge.

Most of you that read this blog are probably runners so you will probably chuckle to yourself, thank your lucky stars that this hasn’t happened to you and go to bed.  Consider yourself warned!  However, on the off chance that you aren’t a runner, please PLEASE PLEASE don’t ask runners for directions when we are clearly struggling and DEFINITELY not 93% up a GIANT hill!!!!

I was also waiting for some weird “come on” and was slightly disappointed when that didn’t happen.  Mostly because I couldn’t figure out where beaches and a come on intersected and was excited to see where he took it but also because my ponytail looked WICKED sweet today and was worthy of an attempt – HA!

And to make this a SLIGHTLY useful blog. Sandy Point Beach on Cousins Island is a lovely beach to take young children to.  It’s also Yarmouth’s only sandy beach.  Phew!  Not a complete rant blog post!

Sandy Point Beach, Yarmouth, ME
Sandy Point Beach, Yarmouth, ME

Long run tomorrow, friends.  After two-and-a-half hours pounding pavement with my buds I promise to have a more productive blog post for you.  RUN STRONG!

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