And that’s what we call….a PR!

Saturday’s Workout:
The Plan: 8 Miles Steady
The Actual: Beach to Beacon 10K 8:32 Pace 53:01 Total Net Time

Sunday’s Workout – Rest Day

Today’s Workout:
The Plan: Intervals – 1 Mile Slow; 7×0.5 mile intervals @ 8:05 – 8:15 Pace with 45 sec. recovery; 1 Mile Slow
The Actual: 1 Mile @ 9:11; 7×0.5 mile intervals at 8:25 average (not quite on target but was definitely still feeling Saturday’s race); 1 Mile @ 9:44; Total Mileage 5.98 @ 8:53 Pace

It happened!….kind of…hahaha  It was an EPIC race!  It started with beautiful friends and such a warm, excited, supportive energy, there was no doubt in my mind this race would be a PR – and IT WAS!  Total net time 53:01 for an official 8:32 pace BUT all three (Susan, Mariah and I) of us had a pace of 8:27ish on our various timing instruments soooooo I figured if we average them I hit the 8:30 target – ha!  Lesson learned – RUN THE TANGENTS!  A little hard though when you’re also trying to find every bit of shade that you can along the course but the extra tenth of a mile we ran messed up our official time – darn it!

That being said, it was a personal record, I had a BLAST, the view was amazing at the finish, and I was lucky enough to share it with a WHOLE LOT of friends.

Six Things I learned at the 2015 Beach to Beacon:

  1. Carpool with as many friends as possible to a race – Our ride in was full of laughs and was smooth sailing thanks to our awesome chauffeur Mr. Tom.

    Even though it's early we're pretty darn cute.
    Even though it’s early we’re pretty darn cute.
  2. Joanie, even in bronze form, is a very small woman.

    Joanie totally wanted in on our pre-race selfie.
    Joanie totally wanted in on our pre-race selfie.
  3. When I look at all that has changed and grown in my life over the last year, it makes me happy to know that my butt is not one of them.  My running family, however, sure as heck has!

    Could our smiles get any bigger?!?!?1
    Could our smiles get any bigger?!?!?!
  4. It’s fun to pretend you are faster than you are.

    6:00 pace sounded about right to us.
    6:00 pace sounded about right to us.
  5. I will chase Susan’s buns if/when needed….THEY ARE SO DARN CUTE! (sadly I do not have a picture of Susan’s buns but you can imagine them)
  6. We live in a beautiful state (Okay, I already knew that but it was reinforced so it counts for the list).

    Fort Williams park in Cape Elizabeth is a great place to finish a race.
    Fort Williams park in Cape Elizabeth with our “Kate Kelly” waves.

If you’ve ever yearned to run with 6,500 of your closest friends in a beautiful state in the middle of summer, this race is for you!  It fills up in minutes so you need to wake-up at the butt crack of dawn, especially if you’re a west coaster, to register but the energy at this one is palpable and, since it has Joan Benoit Samuelson’s name on it, you know it’s done right.

New PR Details:
2014 B2B (Former PR): 53:17 Net; 8:35 Pace; Div: 126/496; Total 2291/6490
2015 B2B (New PR!): 53:01; 8:32 Pace; Div: 115/559; Total 1985/6597

I’m now going to bask in the glory of my new PR while I lay in a puddle of my own sweat from today’s interval workout.


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