Thursday’s Workout:
The Plan: 45 Minutes Strength
The Actual: 45 Minutes Strength – BAREFOOT!  (we’re working on my ankle strength)

Today’s Workout:
The Plan: 5 Miles Slow
The Actual: 5 Miles @ 9:28 Pace

I’ve got my bib.  My outfit is picked out – obviously totally coordinated.  My playlist has been rearranged according to my target finish time.  LET’S DO THIS!

All my favs represented - Maine Running hat, Fabletics top & LL Bean running skirt.
All my favs represented – Maine Running hat, Fabletics top & LL Bean running skirt.

At first I was going to play this one by ear.  The weather is questionable.  It could be hot and marginally humid or, since we’re close to the water (the race IS called Beach to Beacon), the temps could be those needed few degrees cooler and a wind could dry out the air.  I’m ready physically but I can’t control the weather (please note this is also my mantra for Hartford) so I was giving myself an out.

THEN I remembered how I got this most coveted bib.  Betsy!  Beautiful, wonderful, supportive, more positive energy than even I am capable of, woke-up at the butt crack of dawn and refreshed like a mad woman so she could get a bib for this race, Betsy.  Bad news for her (good news for me!) after going through this stress inducing registration process, her family booked a vacation to the west coast, you guessed it, this very weekend.  So months ago, all official mind you, she transferred her bib to me and made me promise only one thing – I would “bring it!”.

So, that’s what I will do.  You don’t let a woman like Ms. Betsy down.  I’m NOT dealing with an injury.  I’m NOT running for fun/tradition.  I’m racing.  Plain and simple.  I will be carpooling with a portion of “my tribe” and meeting even more of them at the start.  A few will be missing, and that will be felt, so for them, even more so, I’m going for EPIC!  This is a lot of pressure, but that’s exactly what I thrive on.  The plan is made – 8:30 average pace (15 seconds faster than LL Bean) – Susan is pacing me and I’ve been hydrating like a crazy woman all day.

This will only be my second year running B2B, so I’ll be reviewing the course map and reminding myself of the hill timing this evening.  I’ll be ready….with a little help from my friends and A LOT of Betsy “You’re a rockstar!” in my ear.

Thank you for this opportunity! This one’s for you, kid!

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