Friday’s Workout:
The Plan: 4 Miles Slow
The Actual: 4.5 Miles @ 9:30ish (I wasn’t wearing my Garmin or using RunKeeper.  I just went with the flow of the rest of the 6@6 crew.)

Saturday’s Workout:
The Plan: 12 Miles Steady
The Actual: 5.76 @ 9:25 Pace – break to watch the kiddo run his race – then Clamfest 5 Miler at 9:05 Pace

Sunday – Rest Day

Monday’s Workout:
The Plan: 4 Miles Slow; 6 30 sec. strides with 2:00 min recovery between each
The Actual: 4 Miles @ 8:58 Pace (going to pay the price for that!); 6 strides at 7:00 avg pace; Total Mileage 5.39 @ 9:07 Pace

Tuesday – Rest Day

Today’s Workout:
The Plan: 1 Mile Slow; 3 1.5 Mile Intervals @ 8:30 – 8:40 Pace with 2 min. recovery between each; 1 Mile Slow
The Actual: 1 Mile @9:15; 3 1.5 Mile Intervals @ 8:40 Avg (paid for Monday’s pace during the last 1.5 interval – oops!); 1 Mile @ 9:25

Fiddler on the Roof

As I mentioned in the last post, I run a couple races every year because they are…wait for it…TRADITION! (To be read in your best Tevye accent.)  This past weekend’s Clamfest 5 miler is one of those said races.  On top of that, this year was the 50th anniversary for the actual Clam Festival in Yarmouth, ME, my husband’s hometown, so it was a no brainer we’d be toeing the line again this year.  The hubs and I met our freshman year of college and have basically been together ever since, which therefore means we have been running the Clamfest 5 miler for about the last 15 years.  (Disclaimer: There were a few years in there where our Friday night “college-age debauchery” prevented us from rising in time for the 8:00 start time on Saturday.)

I love this race.  Not because it’s easy, because it’s not; complete with a 1 mile hill that is totally exposed to the elements.  Not because it has sweet swag, we’ve reviewed this…it doesn’t. Not because it has great weather, it doesn’t but is rather notoriously hot and humid.  I love it for the sole reason that it is tradition and it feels like home when I run the race.  This feeling of “home” has just continued to grow as the kiddo has got in on the action running the half-mile kid race, my adoption into the local running community through the Roasters, and the fact it’s simply our home community now.  Prior to the race we ran into no less than 10 of our friends.  During the race we were cheered on by co-workers, friends, family of friends and the awesome Yarmouth locals who come out to cheer us on every year.  After the race, before the weather turned nasty, we chatted/commiserated with so many friends it just warmed my heart and solidified why I love this race.  (Side bar: Retraction from last post.  They reverted back to cotton t-shirts this year which I think is LAME especially for the fest’s 50th anniversary.  They are lucky I love the fest and the race as much as I do and therefore will be back year after year.)

The #1 reason I love this race – I run it with my husband.  I let him set the pace and we stick together the whole time.  This year we shaved over a minute off last year’s time and Andy kicked it into gear through the park which, considering it was my mile 10, I wasn’t 100% ready for but he pulled me through.  I love that friends shout him support that he’s keeping up with me and his response, full of pride, is consistently, “She’s doing me a favor and barely breathing hard.”  The race ends on a down hill and in year’s past we’ve raced each other at full sprint to the finish.  The last couple years have been different with no sprinting – it really was all about finishing together.  My husband and I aren’t a huge PDA couple so there was no holding hands across the finish but rather a solid high five with beaming smiles.  I have a feeling this may have been our last year without a sprint to the finish (the hubs is increasing his cardio training and we are fiercely competitive) and that’s okay.  I’ll just wait for him at the finish 🙂

One comment

  1. I know this is way off topic but your picture reminded me of it. The Broadway actor who played over 20,000 shows of fiddler on the roof as papa just passed away at the young age of 91. They said other than the movie and the first run he was the mainstay. Like I said not quite on topic but if I were a rich man… Yada yada yada


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