Will Run for Swag

Tuesday’s Workout:
The Plan:  45 Minutes Strength
The Actual:  45 Minutes Strength!  So happy to be back at it – although I was admittedly timid on some moves but Susan and I have a plan so I feel good 🙂

Wednesday’s Workout:
The Plan:  1 Mile Slow; 4 Miles Fast (8:40-8:50); 1 Mile Slow
The Actual: 1 Mile @ 9:35; 4 Miles @ 8:39 (it was so humid I was running through soup but it felt soooooo good to sweat like a pig!); 1 Mile 9:30

Thursday’s Workout:
The Plan: Rest Day
The Actual: Full Rest Day

Business travel made the last couple days a little crazy and bumped me out of my routine but I’m BACK so get ready for a sweet blog about even sweeter swag!

I like racing.  We’ve established that.  However, as someone who won’t be winning her division anytime soon (except at the Winter Classic – YEAAAA PHILLY2!!!) and taking home a “prize”, I will admittedly choose or avoid races based on their swag or lack thereof.  I will also leave races vowing to never return or let anyone I care about run it due to it’s lack of swag.  Case in point the Eastern States 20 Miler.  I’m sorry but if you’ve just finished a 20 mile race…in March..in New England, you’re looking for a little, and by little I mean a lot, more than a plastic “medal”!  I was so angry after that race that if I didn’t want to curl-up into a ball in a corner and hadn’t just been scarred for life after seeing a woman’s hoo-ha as 20 of us tried to change out of our wet clothes in a hotel lobby bathroom, I would have totally said something to someone.  It’s been over a year – I’m clearly carrying some deep seeded resentment.  Ha!

2014 Race Bling
2014 Race Bling

2014 was a bit of an anomaly when it comes to the sheer number of races I did.  Not something I plan on repeating – my legs were pretty wiped and so was my bank account – HOWEVER, having all of the beautiful swag above is such a visual and tactile reminder of the amazing memories at each of these races.  You can get some sense of scale in the picture above, but let it be known, if you’re looking for a weapon that could knock out the front teeth of an assailant, Reach the Beach or the St. Pete Classic (You need to run all 4 races to get the big honker!) are your races of choice.  If you haven’t been to St. Pete, Florida before, fair warning the odds are high you may need to use your newly earned medal before you depart – just sayin’…it’s sketchy!

Bibs sitting in a drawer are pretty lame – SO DO SOMETHING WITH THEM!  As culmination for the amazing race year that 2014 was for us, including our first marathons, I got my buddy Jenny and I bags from Mile 22 Bags made from our bibs.  They are FABULOUS!  The craftsmanship is top notch, the service was great and the number of compliments I’ve received and conversations it’s started in airports, restaurants, etc. is just plain fun.

Race Day Tote - perfect size for airplane carry-on and the inside pocket is huge!
Race Day Tote – perfect size for airplane carry-on and the inside pocket is huge!

Since we were such racing machines last year, we had enough bibs to cover the entire bag but they can also incorporate t-shirts, pictures, medal ribbons, etc. so the possibilities are endless.  You can include some instructions when you mail them your bibs, but they also send you a proof before it goes into production for the final okay and any tweaks to layout.

This year the bibs are going into my Bib Folio, a birthday gift from a running buddy.  I’m currently in need of some additional protector sheets so I guess I better get on that before Saturday.  Can’t wait to fill this puppy up!  It sits in my office and every now and then I glance over, smile a warm and fuzzy smile, and then get back to work.  It’s like all the people that run with me are right there sending their happy vibes my way.

I do run a few races for tradition and not the bling, 4th of July LL Bean race and this weekend’s Clamfest Classic being 2 of them, but the shirt is pretty good for LL Bean so that kind of counts.  Clamfest on the other hand is all men’s sizes, although it is a technical fabric so that’s cool for the hubs who gets them both.  A beer stein would be awesome….hear ye hear ye, Clamfest Classic race director….no more t-shirts WE WANT BEER STEINS!

What’s your most favorite race swag you’ve ever received?  Will you choose or avoid a race because of it’s finish line swag?

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