Balancing Act

Today’s Workout:
The Plan: 1 Mile Warm-up; 3 Mile Tempo 8:40-8:50; 1 Mile Cool Down
The Actual: 1 Mile at 10:11; 3 Miles @ 9:16; 1 Mile at 10:04 (All while pushing 40 lbs in the stroller!)

As I’ve I mentioned in earlier posts, I’m a mom, a wife, and full-time participant in the workforce.  I’m also a homeowner which means “home chores”, enjoy family fun time i.e. the beach, Toots ice cream (if you’re local and have not been there – GO THERE!), date nights, time with friends and family, etc.  Oh and did I mention I run?  More specifically, I train….for LONG distances.   As I’m home with a sick kid today (hence the stroller during today’s run) the balancing act that is my life, and that of most every other parent, is really driven home. At this point in my training, I’m spending about 5 hours a week running but by next month that will more than double, and a month later I will tack on a few more.  Earlier this year, when my niece was born, my husband looked at me and said, “I’ve been thinking about whether we have another kid.”  I responded with, “That’s a great idea, but not until October 11th, I have a marathon to train for.”

Then I saw a picture of this woman….

Alysia Montano running the 800m at the 2014 outdoor national championships.
Alysia Montano running the 800m at the 2014 outdoor national championships.

She blew my mind!  But she shouldn’t have.  I slowed down little while pregnant, even demolishing my kitchen while 6 months pregnant.  However, at 8 months pregnant I needed to catch my breath at the top of the stairs let alone crank out a 2:32:13 in the 800m (Okay, that probably would never happen but you get my point.)  In an interview with Runners World this past March (“How Alysia Montano Won a National Title Six Months After Giving Birth”), she says exactly what my motto was.  In short, you can do whatever you were doing before you were pregnant while you were pregnant – barring any real medical issues of course.  (Fine print: please consult your physician before undertaking physical activity.)  I always thought about the women who would work the fields, pop out a baby, and hop right back to working.  There are parts of the world where TODAY that still happens so I wasn’t going to complain about vacuuming or mowing the lawn.

I should have probably clarified for my husband when he turned to me in the car that day.  It’s not that I have A marathon, I have THE marathon.  Probably my last (honestly I’m not a huge fan of the distance) and, unlike Alysia who just kept up with her trianing, I’ll be taking my training to the next level and pushing my body to the brink.  The injury over the last two weeks was scary, hence why I actually followed doctor’s orders, and I don’t want to take any more chances.  My pregnancy was relatively easy last time, but that’s no guarantee for round two.  It’s one more spinning plate in the balancing act I don’t want to worry about right now.

If/When we try for #2, I am actually pretty excited to see how much better I can be about sustaining my physical activity levels.  Remember that tribe I posted about earlier? (With a Little Help from My Friends) Well they’re pretty awesome at keeping you running, at whatever level you’re capable of, with tons of love and support.  Plus I’m pretty sure the hubs will be kicking me out the door 🙂

Last but not least, I solemnly swear to wear something as adorably beautiful as Ms. Alysia’s flower when I’m cranking out a 10k, lets be realistic, 4 months pregnant because women are STRONG, women are BEAUTIFUL, and I wouldn’t give-up my balancing act for anything.

One of my most favorite "plates in the air".
One of my most favorite “plates in the air”.


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