Friday’s Workout:                   Saturday’s Workout:                               Today’s Workout
The Plan: 4 Miles – Easy     The Plan: 8 Miles – 9:20-9:40 Pace     The Plan: Rest
The Actual: Rest                    The Actual: Rest                                     The Actual: Rest

Feeling SOOOOOOOOOO much better!  Yes, I know missed a couple days of training updates but since they ended up being a bunch of rest days you didn’t miss much. Ha!  I’ve learned a lot over the last 72 hours and I’m grateful these lessons came at the beginning of my training instead of the end.  You know, when it’s really too late!

  1. Training in the summer = figure out your hydration needs and DON’T PUSH IT!
  2. Take a full 24 hours of rest after a HUGE Osteopathic manipulation
  3. Sciatic Nerve:
    1. a major nerve extending from the lower end of the spinal cord down the back of the thigh, and dividing above the knee joint. It is the nerve with the largest diameter in the human body.
      b. the “don’t ever mess with me again” nerve!
  4. Be thankful for those friends I spoke about earlier who immediately check on you, tell you to take time off, and remind you that you’ll be back better than ever.
  5. Be thankful for your husband – the man that walks in the door, looks at you lying on the floor, and says, “How much water DIDN’T you drink?” and then proceeds to step over you and make dinner.  LOVE THAT MAN!

    Aren't we cute?  This was at Friday's wedding in Portsmouth.  Watching others choose their partner in life, always reminds me that I chose the right guy to marry.
    Aren’t we cute? This was at Friday’s wedding in Portsmouth. Watching others choose their partner in life, always reminds me that I chose the right guy to marry.
  6. Stretching is really important – I told myself I already knew and understood the importance of this, but when you can’t even get yourself into child’s pose you realize how CRITICAL it really is to keep those muscles loose and stretched – keeping your body in the perfect balance.
  7. The body is FREAKING amazing!  As much pain as I was in, I still could feel and, in awe, reflect on what my body was doing in reaction to the manipulation and my subsequent running while “slightly” dehydrated.  It’s also amazing how quickly it’s bounced back!

Tomorrow I plan to get back to “the plan” with 4 miles plus 4 20 second strides.  We will see how the strides pan out but the 4 miles should be doable followed by a SOLID 45 minutes of stretching.  Maybe I’ll even pop into a full yoga class to get my fill.  Whatever it is, I’m just happy I only lost two days of training and in week 1.  Time to get BACK AT IT!


  1. Rest is always a goo thing. I need to do that myself. After I hit my 100 mile mark though! Keep out the great work!


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